The graduates of Camp 69 will earn $30.00 per hour (annual rate of $62,400) once they graduate as Troopers from the NSP Training Academy. Troopers will also have the opportunity for overtime hours throughout the year which will increase their pay. The current top base pay rate for the rank of Trooper is $45.54 per hour ($94,723 per year).

Officer candidates earn $27.46 per hour while attending the NSP Training Academy. 

Salaries are defined under the agreement between the State of Nebraska and the State Law Enforcement Bargaining Council (SLEBC). 

Troopers and Investigators earn great benefits for serving Nebraska. Those benefits include a great retirement package (see below), health, vision, and dental coverage, life insurance, and more. Click here for the current benefits package under the SLEBC contract. 

Recruits also receive excellent benefits during the Training Academy process. Click here for the current benefits for Trooper Candidates.

Nebraska State Troopers are eligible for an excellent pension plan upon retirement from the Patrol. Troopers are eligible to retire at age 50 if they have at least 25 years of service. Troopers with 10 years of service are eligible to retire at age 55. 

Click here for more information the the NSP Pension Plan.

Troopers in the Patrol Division have a four-day work week with 10-hour work days. That ensures a three-day weekend every week. Other divisions within NSP, such as Carrier Enforcement or Investigative Services generally work five days per week with 8-hour workdays. 

Troopers get up to 12 vacation days per year and have 12 sick/personal leave days available per year as well. State of Nebraska employees also have 13 paid holidays per year. Keeping Nebraska safe is a 24/7 mission, so troopers whose schedule requires work on one of those holidays will get a paid day off in close proximity to the state holiday.

As Nebraska’s only statewide, full-service law enforcement agency, NSP has opportunities to serve across the entire state.

During the application process, candidates my request to be stationed in a specific Troop Area. Applicants who receive a Final Interview at the end of the selection process will be given the opportunity to request a specific Troop Area from the available locations. If the candidates accepts a Final Offer of Employment, they will know at that time if their requested location has been approved. 

Once you start your career as a trooper, opportunities to move from one part of the state to another and continue your service happen yearly. Generally, once a trooper has been employed for two years, they are eligible to transfer to a different duty station, based on staffing needs for the Troop Areas. 

NSP offers a wide-range of opportunities to define the career path you want to pursue. Those include opportunities for promotions, the ability to serve in any part of the state, and take on a large number of job functions throughout your career. Some troopers love the road and serve on patrol for their entire career, while others choose to serve as investigators, K9 handlers, pilots, drone operators, and many more avenues your career can take. Click on the videos below to hear from troopers about what they do and why the love serving the people of Nebraska. 


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Multiculturalism and diversity are at the very heart of America, and describe accurately the demographics or our state. Whether engaging in a traffic stop or providing assistance with a community service function, Nebraska State Troopers touch thousands of lives from many backgrounds. Therefore, the Nebraska State Patrol is an Equal Opportunity Employer who values our diverse workforce!